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This gives significant advantages to hosts or players near the host. This makes actual skill less relevant when playing in matches. I'm not great at PvP. It's frustrating to no end. We know that Destiny has servers to run the game why can't some of those resources be allocated to PvP servers. That's what I would have thought. I did finally make it to the Lighthouse on one of my 3 runs last night and it boosted my confidence too much only to be again crushed.

The first team I played with were the savages though, a friend that's a 2. Was an easyish run. The 2nd and 3rd runs were with another friend who is good, but I don't think I've ever made it to the Lighthouse with, at least not many times.

Though the last run we screwed around with Fusions bum rushing people the entire time and got to 8 wins. I did notice even the worse teams, teams with 1. Those guys can mop the floor with you if you don't take them seriously enough now.

Destiny Trials Of Osiris Matchmaking Theory! Is Matchmaking In Trials Of Osiris Weighted?

Man Fusions are so much fun right now to use as well. I had a game against one of the few bad teams we played and just wrecked them with Plan C. It doesn't quite have Doctrine TTK up close or the consistency but it murders Doctrine at mid-range and can actually challenge Scouts and Snipers long range right now. This right here is also part of the SBMM problem "breeding a group of tryhard PvP mosters impossibly beyond the skill of anyone not playing the game every day".

The guys that play at that high level that Pyro is calling "Savages" are the ones that literally never miss a Snipe and will land that shot on you in under. They Primary you at the optimal. Even guys like TripleWreck who were a staple in the Destiny Crucible community for more than a year and a half have started to drop now because of the matchmaking. Now I've had my moments, like the time we beat the 12 Trials player on PS4 CarlosAmigos69 - he doesn't play as much anymore so he's fallen down to like the 's now, but still has a 2.

Destiny: Trials of Osiris matchmaking still skill-based - VG

How fair is it to my NA Central clanmates that jump into PvP every once in awhile with me and a few of the Dot RU guys to hang out and they just get obliterated by "Savages" because of the skill rating of myself, Veggiesbro, Exile, AcidBrandon, and Pyrodactyl. It makes those guys never want to play PvP with us or try Crucible at all. Just because a few of us are in that top tier bracket the whole group is thrown into the fire of the top tier PvP bracket, and those guys don't play on that level at all.

It makes going into PvP with your Raid group of 6 just a general Nightmare. I totally agree, some of the most glaring issues with SBMM in Destiny would be solved with Dedicated Servers but I don't think Activision will spend the money on that, and after reading all of the money they already spent on their Networking architecture I don't know that it would be entirely necessary if they actually tightened up the location based matchmaking.

Many people using Netduma's don't have the terrible lag experience when they limit matchmaking to their regions for Destiny. Trials weapon and armor sets come with 2 ornaments like WOTM raid gear, 2 different ornament tokens. The latter obviously has way cooler effects. Would that keep everyone happy? I don't understand, everyone that's decent at trials started off at the same level you did. It takes time to learn and improve. Try that before you ask for changes to suit your needs.

Bungie Wants Feedback on Destiny 2’s Trials of the Nine Mode

I wish bungie would just perma ban people that makes these posts. It's not a competitive playlist. You have to pay in game currency to enter, its double elimination, and you must win in order to advance to the next level. Other playlists are like what you state, skill to skill. It's purposefully not that way and it should stay that way.

It's a challenge, you should have to play good players to go flawless, stop bitching about matchmaking and get better.

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  • Skill Based Matchmaking Added to Trials of Osiris??

You need skilled match making it's never fun being at a huge disadvantage. I mean i played a person who has hrs of play time like seriously. SBMM is a shitty way to match players, So no.


LMFAO everyone saying " but its meant to be the best of the best" what they really mean is " everyone has a chance to get carried by a pro, if they apply the right bribe" as long as paid carries are a thing in trials.. I hope Bungie leaves Trials behind personally It really brings out the worst in this game Wouldn't work, if good players wanna go flawless they will just lower their KD to scrubstomp. Here is your answer to your request. It's really quick, but that half-second disadvantage is all a decent opponent needs get an edge on damage in one-versus-one encounters.

Trials of Osiris is a mode where you always want to have your weapon ready to go, and sprinting disrupts that. So don't do it. There's no singular rule that works every time in Trials of Osiris; it's very much a reactive game mode.

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If your fireteam always sticks to the same strategy, a good opponent will eventually figure that out and turn things against you. That's why it's important to maintain good team communication. More than that, come up with plans of attack. If you're going to use a defensive strategy, have everyone post up in a defensible location covering different fields of fire, and shout out locations when foes are spotted.

If you're going to press the attack, designate one person to push around for a flanking maneuver. Passage Coins are a rare currency that you can use to buy as many as three "boons" from the Trials of Osiris vendor for each Trials card you run. One boon starts your card with a win on it already, another wipes away your first loss and the third makes your next win count as two.

The problem with Passage Coins is they're a rare commodity. They'll sometimes appear as random drops, and you're guaranteed to get one per day the first time you run the Daily Crucible challenge. Since it costs three Coins for each boon, it's generally a good idea to hold off on buying anything until you're settling in to play Trials with a tight team of friends. Even then, spend wisely.

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