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Your boyfriend has seen his female friends go through breakups and bad relationships. After seeing his close friends suffer like that, he knows to never do those types of things to somebody he dates. Rest assured that when you get into a fight with your boyfriend, he has a team of women counseling through how to handle this. Women love brunch and mimosas! The statistics are out there people. That means he has become more fluent in the language of emotions, and can probably communicate them to you pretty well.

Men can be a little blunt sometimes. But they learn, through their female friends, to put things more delicately. No more texting games. And continued to call when he said he would and replied to messages fairly quickly. This alone is a reason why I refuse to go back into the dating pool with guys my own age. Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen: His confidence gets major points. Rarely do younger guys approach me. Jealousy takes a backseat. You got another thought coming. As if having Chinese eyes weren't cute enough, I actually know how to talk and write in Mandarin!

Yes, I can scribble those characters! And I know what they mean! Conversationalist , you say? I can talk about anything. I read a lot and I can keep you busy with conversations ranging from Europe's economy going into 3rd recession to Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. So, you can say goodbye, to those incessant rants on who is dating who and which girl looks better than I or what piece of jewellery that girl wore to the party!

Like a woman who knows how to shake her booty to the beats? Here you have your very own musician, who can pump those beats for you, on her drums! And expect unbeatable comebacks, when it comes to arguing, courtesy: So, look forward to buckets of ice cream in bed, while watching all the kickass series that Netflix just released!

I am just not finished yet! Tired of those throw-it-in-the-microwave frozen foods? And not your everyday aloo gobi cauliflower and potatoes , dal-chawal rice and lentils. From chocolate-coffee cakes, pancakes with maple syrup, crepes with nutella and ice-cream to kulfis, you got your very own dessert queen! I'm pretty good at making biriyanis as well! I always split the bill! Take me out for fine dining, or a grab from Subway, I always cut the cheque in two! Hell, I even pay up, if you got no cash on yourself! I believe in equality. I might be one hard girl to crack, but underneath all that steel armour, I can be an uncliched romantic.

So, since the question asked to write an ad, here we go... ;)

I know how to make my partner feel special. From dropping by with cupcakes and crunchies for your midnight snack, during your exams, to lavish dinners and planning exotic getaways to celebrate your birthdays, I know how to pamper! Yeah, sure George Clooney and Henry Cavill crack me up, with their looks, although I prefer brains over blondes, anyday, but, when it comes down to the wire, I know which team I'm playing for!

I will never make you feel like I have a backup plan, if we break up. I am the answer to your prayers! I'm game, whenever you want a bud for bird-watching! From classic Bangladeshi saris, to hot-pants, from lehenga cholis, to leather jackets and slit-down-the-leg dresses, I know how to shake it up in every look and I take great care in the detailing! I know how to steal the show when you take me to a party! Tired of those women, who smell like cigarettes in bed? I love adventure sports! From skiing, to scuba diving, from white water rafting to bungee jumping, if it's got adrenaline, I'm all in!

You don't have to PM me every minute! I am fine, if you give me a call every night! I actually have a life and more than often, I have more than enough on my plate, to creep you out with constant checking on what you are upto. Just be there, when I am going through some rough patch and we are good to go. Also, I am bad with remembering dates.

What are the perks of dating you, summed up in a short paragraph? - Quora

I have a hard time remembering birthdays, anniversaries and blah- blah! So, I am least bothered if you forgot our 1-month anniversary! Actually on a second thought, you pester me with such nansy-pansies, I am breaking up with you! So, say goodbye to those encrypted hints! I am angry at you, I speak up! I expected a better reply from you, damn straight, I will throw it at your face rather than going about banging the dishes against the dishwasher!

Updated Jan 7, Here are some perks of dating me: I am meticulous about my hygiene. I don't have any body odour or bad breath. I am sorry but I expect such meticulous behaviour from your side too and cannot compromise on this front. I don't like fighting and don't get angry over small trivial issues. So I will never embarrass you in public. I don't shout and try to be as polite as possible.

I am not an insecure person and will not message you every few seconds. I will give you your space. I am really cool that way. I am not a person prone to jealousy. I am a feminist and will treat you like an equal with great love and respect. I have listed my reasons for being a feminist in this answer: Aditya Gupta's answer to Feminism: Why are you a feminist?

I am an agnostic person and have no religious beliefs so you don't have to spend any time doing religious rituals.

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I have no problem if you want to be religious and will happily participate in your religious customs. Although ideally I would like to date someone who is not very religious but it will not be a deal breaker if you are a religious person. I love to read and can chat with you about diverse topics. Whether it's computer science, politics, economics, sports, psychology.

The Perks Of Dating A Man With Female Friends

I am always available for a good conversation. I am not a very money minded person and will not enter into a relationship with you for your money. So you don't have to worry about me stealing your money. I will not enter into a relationship with you until I sense a deep connection between us.

I will not mislead you and will tell you in advance if I think the relationship is not working. I have no problems if you are much more successful than me.

I have no ego issues and, in fact, I see that as an positive. I am a keen observer of human behavior and will understand when you need to be left alone or when you are feeling low. I am really supportive and will always encourage you to do your best. You can always count on me for a great commencement speech. I will never cheat on you and if I think the relationship is not working I will first break up with you before having sex with someone else.

But if you cheat on me when we are committed, I will not forgive you under any conditions and will end our relationship. I think there is great wisdom in the adage "Once a cheater always a cheater. I am not commitment phobic and have no problem in entering in a monogamous committed relationship. I don't discriminate on the basis of colour or race. So your nationality is not a big concern for me. I am a foodie and love to eat food from different countries. I don't know how to cook so I love eating out and finding new places to eat.

Would You Date a Short Guy ?

I am vegetarian and I would prefer if you were vegetarian too, as I believe being vegetarian is more environment friendly. Also I am against any kind violence to animals because I believe that all forms of life are sacred. I love to travel and will be more than willing to explore new places with you. For my thoughts on traveling please refer to this answer: Aditya Gupta's answer to Travel: Why is travelling so important in life? I am people's person and will have no problems in getting along with your friends and family. I don't smoke, drink or do any kinds of drugs.

I have not committed any crimes and have no criminal record. Although I am a non violent person, I know karate so I can defend you if the need arises. I have a great collection of movies, TV shows and music. I love listening to all kinds of music. So dating me will provide you access to my collection. I am especially interested in watching world cinema and love to debate about the merits or demerits of a movie. My height is cms and weight is around 64 kgs.

So I am neither short or overweight. So I am pretty sure you won't be embarrassed of taking me out in public. I am a graduate student at NYU. So I have access to amazing parties, events and will be more than happy to have you come along. I live in Manhattan which is epicenter of the world and will love to show you around.

As you see from the rest of points, I have a great sense of humour and will always try and make you laugh. So all in all, I am an amazing catch. Answered Feb 19, A2A I do not want to come out as arrogant but there too many perks of dating me! When I love someone, I give my heart, soul, body everything! There is no in between for me. It is everything or nothing. I am well balanced between being clingy and independent. I understand the need for personal space. In fact, I myself like to go into my shell and be alone or explore new stuffs alone, so I will leave you too when you wish to be.

You can cry in front of me. You do not have to be the "oh I am so tough guy who knows no vulnerability". I will not judge you. In fact, bringing out your vulnerability will make our relationship stronger and I will know that you are a human and not a robot.

The Perks—and Challenges—of Dating a Much Older Man

My patience is just on another level. I might tend to complain while waiting but I hold onto my patience. I can be the laziest ass you will ever come across, but I will also be up for 2 a. I enjoy cooking for people. I do not cook too fancy food, just everyday Indian food.

But be prepared to be surprised with food. Also, I love eating! I will try out new food, new restaurants and even a roadside dhaba with you. No food gives me more happiness than street food. Along with being emotionally independent, I am also financially independent. I don't expect you to take me out on expensive dates and burn a hole in your pocket.

I do like to be pampered but not at the cost of your inconvenience.

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  • My idea of a perfect date is sitting out in the cold, cuddling and talking about anything and everything. No crowded restaurants or malls. I will talk to you about everything under the sun. From my favorite shade of lipstick to politics to novels and philosophy to your favorite sports team. I hate spending on expensive hotels and resorts.


    Rather I spend on exploring the new place, food and maybe souvenirs. A decent place to sleep or even a tent with a clean toilet will be just perfect for me. But I will not make you spend a penny for my shopping. Just accompany me while I try out shoes. I admit that I am possessive. But I won't fight with you or be suspicious of your female friends. I have male friends and I know platonic friendships do exist. I will not complain if you bring your friends home. Only thing, inform me before hand. I like having guests over as long as I am informed beforehand.

    Above all, I am an ordinary person with a lot of ups and downs. I might give you a little drama when hurt but I keep myself under control. I will also crave for a little attention and dependence but at the end of the day I will stand out strong ready to take on the world! Rest you'll know once you start dating me! Quora User , worked at Life Coaching.

    OK, close your eyes for a second and imagine this: You found a good looking man. You found a man who is caring. You found a man who is funny. You found a man who is smart. You found a man who listens. You found a man who enjoys driving a nice car. Ok here are some of the top perks of dating me: I would be fine with being taken on a journey with only half an hour preperation. Also around me, you would never be bored ; Im very creative and artisticly talented. But, Im bad with math.. I will do everything to be a succesful peacemaker!

    I also hate running away from problems Im a devoted Christian. I would never betray you, or commit adultery. And wouldnt ly to you! I would also expect honesty… I love nature and adventure.

    perks of dating me guy Perks of dating me guy
    perks of dating me guy Perks of dating me guy
    perks of dating me guy Perks of dating me guy
    perks of dating me guy Perks of dating me guy
    perks of dating me guy Perks of dating me guy

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