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Established since and specialising in matching same sex couples, based in Mayfair, London, but covering the whole of the UK, including North East England. Gay Relationships is run to the highest of standards by Sarah James and her team, and welcomes gay people of both sexes who are seeking a long term and enduring relationship or marriage.

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The only independent UK based dating body. Our recommendations for dating and meeting a new partner in the North East are as follows: Having a trustworthy intermediary makes the introduction process a far pleasanter experience than trawling the internet for hours on […]. As you can see from the photo we have a baby! Well he turned one on the 17th Dec and is already walking. We think of you often! We are both enjoying parenthood very much. Thank you for bringing us together. Have a wonderful day. But Elaina took a lot of care in helping me feel comfortable about going on dates and gave me the confidence I needed to learn to enjoy each one.

We have now set a date in December. We just wanted to express our appreciation for helping us get together.

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We do seem to be incredibly well matched, and that was self-evident from the first […]. Thank you for linking us up with each other and for providing good quality partners. I have got back together with Keith, whom I originally met through YAA and not only is he in the process of moving in with me, but I have just accepted his […].

It was a very fulfilling and interesting discussion. It also gave me confidence in moving forward and managing, what I hope, is an interesting and exciting search for that special person.

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As a parent […]. She is truly a lovely person who is very caring and thoughtful about others — a delight to be with! She is very kind, very thoughtful, very caring, very attractive, very attentive to the other person, very good with her older […]. We went out last night for dinner and had such a lovely time. The thing is that we chat and chat for hours, so from this, […].

I thought that was rather sweet. Enjoyed his openness, intelligence, sensitivity, compassion, gentleness and integrity. After a few shy minutes we got on really well, talked for an hour and then took off for lunch and a harbour cruise. I would like to say to you personally and professionally that I found the content and tone of your presentation both warm and sincere.

For any potential or past client seeking the services […]. I now realise why most of the dates have had felt like an interview rather than […]. If I had known beforehand about misunderstanding due to gender differences I think we would still be together. Thank you Yvonne for your insightful seminar. Sign up to our newsletter. Appreciate quality in the company you keep?

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Prefer to share your life with a partner? Want more than a basic dating agency can provide?

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And you… Do not want to waste valuable time trawling the web looking for love Value quality in your life and the company you keep Have limited opportunities to meet or attract a potential partner Appreciate that experienced consultants do the background work while you enjoy the outcome…. Your personal life is too important to leave to chance! It was lovely to have great support […] Read More. We went to you because of your reputation for […] Read More. We […] Read More.

Your approach is considered, professional, has a real science and psychology at […] Read More. We thought and spoke of you the evening we became engaged, just moments […] Read More. This I know would not have happened without the integrity and trust of Elaina who was my guide, mentor and coach in what can be […] Read More. Losing several members of my immediate family to early […] Read More.

Not only I am putting myself out there and dating new […] Read More. Unfortunately, we both have come to a conclusion that […] Read More. We had coffee and went to the art gallery on the spur of the moment to a photographic exhibition as both of us have a keen interest in art and photography, […] Read More. While I spent more time with my family and friends I was determined to […] Read More. I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for your […] Read More. I believe that the role your company plays is crucial and it is unfortunate that […] Read More. We got on really well and enjoyed […] Read More.

I can see and feel that he […] Read More. I was thrilled to meet […] Read More. He has met some of […] Read More. Many thanks […] Read More. He is patient and attentive and clearly makes the effort to make our meetings […] Read More. We discovered that we like similar authors and Monty […] Read More. The mental connection was obvious to me — hope he felt […] Read More. He did his year 3 Naplan this year […] Read More. I think I can now begin to understand what to do or at times perhaps not what to do when the normal vicissitudes of life conflict […] Read More.

I was obviously […] Read More. I was overwhelmed by the […] Read More. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to our success and the matchmaking service we provide. We take confidentiality very seriously and all members, employees and third parties must sign a non-disclosure agreement. This measure ensures the protection of the identities of members as well as their privacy.

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We do not allow our members or clients to browse each other. Our members are only viewed at the point when both parties agree to the match. This ensures that our services are kept private, confidential, and discreet. We will never publicise your information or photos with anyone without your consent.

matchmaking newcastle Matchmaking newcastle
matchmaking newcastle Matchmaking newcastle
matchmaking newcastle Matchmaking newcastle
matchmaking newcastle Matchmaking newcastle
matchmaking newcastle Matchmaking newcastle

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