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We'll see how this plays well with modern system architectures. I'm a software developer and a programming language enthusiast with an obsession for clean and beautiful code.

I strongly believe in accessible culture and education and in open-source software. I am a member of the core team of the Elixir programming language. In dire need of better tools when producing screencasts for Haskell at Work, I started building Komposition, the video editor for screencasters. This desktop application automatically detects scenes in screen capture video, detects sentences in audio parts, and features and a high-productivity editing workflow keyboard-driven navigation. Among the technical topics that interest Oskar are functional programming, systems design, web technology, and programming languages.

His more aesthetic side, which mostly involves music, draws him towards graphics and UI design every now and then. Recently, many people in the functional programming community, and specifically in the Scala community, seem to follow the trend of solving their programming problems with more and more fancy abstractions and techniques. If in doubt, we throw a monad at the problem, and if that's not good enough, we'll make it free. Naturally, to top it off, we have to sprinkle the whole thing with some type-level programming, because this is common courtesy these days.

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In this talk I want to challenge some of the fundamental assumptions of how we think and work. With all our sophisticated engineering, are we actually solving the right problems? Are we rushing towards technologically exciting solutions too quickly? How much of the complexity in our software is inherent in the problem domain, and how much of it is of our own making? We may have honorable intentions, but do our solutions come at an acceptable price?

Maybe it's time to slow down, think about what the problems we have to solve actually are, and how to do so in the simplest way possible. Daniel Westheide is a software developer from Berlin, Germany. He has a background in human-computer interaction, semantic web technologies, and adaptive web applications, and has been working as a backend engineer since He has been using Scala and Clojure professionally since and likes to spread the love for functional programming and domain-driven design. Author of The Neophyte's Guide to Scala. I am one of the main contributors of the the MirageOS operating system library and the main developer of the Irmin Git-like distributed store.

To overcome the burden involved in interactively mechanizing mathematical proofs on a computer, most theorem-proving systems such as Coq and Isabelle, support user-customizable proof automation by means of tactics. Tactics, introduced by Milner in Edinburgh LCF, are programs that can inspect and algorithmically manipulate assertions in the prover's base logic, with the goal of simplifying or discharging them.

While tactics are clearly useful in practice, they are beset by a number of fundamental limitations. They are written in a domain-specific scripting language, which by necessity resides outside of the prover's base logic, and lacks the base logic's precise typing.

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This in turn makes tactics famously difficult to maintain, and impossible to precisely specify and verify. In this talk I will present an alternative architecture for user-customizable proof automation, specifically in Coq, which overcomes the above limitation. The starting point is the observation, well known as Curry-Howard isomorphism, that proofs and programs in Coq are equivalent entities.

Thus, concepts and ideas developed in the world of programming, can be applied to mathematics as well. In particular, I will show how the idea of overloading a method name in programming a. Such an 'overloaded theorem' realizes a method for an automated discharge of a class of proof obligations, which, unlike a tactic, can itself be verified in the base logic of Coq, and flexibly composed with other Coq programs, theorems and proofs.

My research is in the design and implementation of programming languages and logics for software verification.

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More specifically, I am interested in applying programming methodology to facilitate the construction of formal proofs in mathematics in general, and of program correctness in particular. My recent focus has been on designing methods for integrating programming with pointers, concurrency, and other important imperative features, into dependent type systems such as that of the proof assistant Coq. The goal of the integration is to leverage the proving power of Coq to obtain effective and scalable ways for reasoning about security and correctness of imperative programs.

I am also interested in all other aspects of formal mathematics and programming language theory and applications related to compilation, optimization, semantics, interactive theorem proving, program extraction, automated deduction, decision procedures, program analysis and model checking. Ok, here's a function call. I'll first look at arguments. Now I've got values of arguments, so I'll go onto the function.

Remember, this parameter is now this value, that parameter is now that value You jump around the program, back and forth between variables and pieces of code, and keep collecting results of these visited pieces. This talk introduces diagrammatic models of functional-program execution. The underlying idea is to express the above process using diagrams; the "token", your agent, moves around a diagrammatic representation of a whole program, and visited pieces of the diagram dynamically change to represent their results so we do not need to remember! We will explore these diagrammatic models, which help us not only with visualising program execution but also with designing a language.

These models can cover from conventional programming, with various evaluation strategies including call-by-value used in OCaml and call-by-need lazy, used in Haskell , to unconventional but increasingly significant programming with "computational graphs".

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Last but not least, the models are for mathematical reasoning; from cost analysis of execution to equational reasoning justifying compiler optimisation. What attracts me is visual aspects of functional programming -from information flow in a program, to a diagrammatic representation of execution of a program- that give a handy way to understand functional programming, especially mathematical reasoning behind it. In this talk we will have fun with object algebras and type parameters! Those simple but powerful beasts can quite easily get us:.

Let's prove that, with the appropriate tooling, pure FP in Java is quite achievable and desirable! Functional programming enthusiast, DDD practitioner, proficient team player. Researcher of elegant solutions to complex problems. Free 'libre' software evangelist. A correct and maintainable program derives from clear specifications, exposes sound semantics and allow simple and local reasoning on its code.

Strongly typed functional programming is the most effective technique I found that allow me to write correct and maintainable software. This is why domain driven design, applied mathematics and modern programming languages like Haskell, Scala, F are essential tools for me. Rust is a systems programming language with a nice type system and quite a few maybe surprisingly functional features. Where do they come from? Let's see if Haskell knows.

Lisa is a Berlin-based developer hacking on video games and coding creatively whenever she can. She is co-organizing the Berlin ClojureBridge chapter and helping spread peace, love and parenthesis whenever she can. While functional programming may be a simpler and more expressive way to build applications, even functional software endeavors over time are dominated by problems surprisingly similar to those found in traditional approaches. David Nolen is a curious programmer, musician, and teacher living in Brooklyn. He also helps run the affordable Kitchen Table Coders workshops from a Brooklyn studio.

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  4. In his free time he contributes to several open source Clojure projects including core. An experience report on a year of learning and working professionally with Haskell. Functional programming newcomers can expect an empathetic tale of learning Haskell the hard way, pitfalls to avoid and tips to get started with Haskell effectively. Seasoned practitioners will gain an overview of the current state of Haskell learning for beginners and where we could learn from other programming language communities.

    This talk focuses on how Impostor Syndrome and the Dunning-Kruger effect work to undermine our estimation of our individual skills. Who do these cognitive biases affect?

    And how do they collectively shape the face of the software development industry? The impact of these biases on personal and professional relationships among individuals and groups will be examined, along with what can be done to diagnose and cope with them. Jessica Rose is a technology professional and public speaker specializing in community building, outreach and developing better processes for talent in technology.

    She is passionate about fostering more equal access to technical education and digital spaces. She's also rubbish at writing about herself in the third person. Haskell, the pure and lazy functional programming language, has now been around for more than 25 years. It had a profound influence on many other programming languages on the JVM: Java, Clojure and Scala and elsewhere: Purescript, Swift, Go just kidding, not Go: In this talk you will discover which Haskell constructs have made it to mainstream programming languages and change the way you program today.

    You will also get a glimpse of the features which are yet to be transferred for our greatest benefit. As a member of the Scala community, I created libraries like specs2, eff and I love to share my experience about testing or functional programming at conferences or on my blog.

    Speakers • Lambda World Cadiz - October 25th & 26th,

    Like the computer keyboard, the musical keyboard is a precise and high-bandwidth input device. Its power is a consequence of its elegant embodiment of the structure of Western European music, where simple mathematical ratios are experienced as consonance. One of the citys notable features during antiquity was the temple on the south end of its island dedicated to the Phoenician god Melqart who was conflated with Hercules by the Greeks and Romans under the names Tyrian Hercules and Hercules Gaditanus.

    French forces secured the release of Ferdinand in the Battle of Trocadero and suppressed liberalism for a time. A thcentury watchtower the Tavira Tower still commands a panoramic view of the city and the bay despite its relatively modest meters ft height. Following renovations in the s the theater was renamed the Gran Teatro Falla in honor of composer Manuel de Falla who is buried in the crypt of the cathedral.

    It is separated from the city by an avenue on the landward side of the avenue there are many shops and restaurants. The current theater was built between and over the remains of the previous Gran Teatro. It is the capital of the Province of Cdiz one of eight which make up the autonomous community of Andalusia. Rarely as in Stephanus of Byzantium s notes on the writings of Eratosthenes the name is given in the feminine singular form as h Gadera.

    The old town benefits though from several striking plazas which are enjoyed by citizens and tourists alike. The old town is characterized by narrow streets connecting squares plazas bordered by the sea and by the city walls. Many monuments cathedrals and landmarks have been cleaned and restored. The goal of this demolition was to create a grand new city square to mark the hundredth anniversary of the liberal constitution which was proclaimed in this city in and provide a setting for a suitable memorial.

    The houses which face the plaza many of which can be classified as neoclassical architecture or built in the style of Isabelline Gothic were originally occupied by the Cdiz bourgeoisie. Cdiz is the provincial capital with the highest rate of unemployment in Spain. Under the Roman Republic and Empire the city flourished as a port and naval base known as Gades.

    His nephew Toms de Torquemada is most closely associated with the th century Spanish Inquisition. Compared to halogen bulbs BiXenon headlights create a much brighter beam of light to improve visibility and they also last longer and use less energy. It is solar cell hook up impossible to increase the amount of land Electrical hookup for water heater available for building by reclaiming land from the sea a new national law governing coastal development thwarts this possibility.

    Although the empire itself was declining Cdiz now experienced another golden age from its new importance. In the centre a pilaster rises to symbolize in allegorical terms the principles expressed in the constitution. It was the principal gate to the medieval town. The region is served by Jerez Airport which is approximately crimes related to online dating km mi north of the city centre. Area is in km and population density in inhabitants per square kilometer.

    The exterior is sheathed in exquisite red and white Genoan marble prepared in the workshops of Andreoli and mounted by the master Garca Narvez. It also appeared as Salamcadis in the thcentury PseudoTurpin s history of Charlemagne where it was considered a statue of Muhammad and thought to warn the Muslims of Christian invasion. Most of the landmark buildings are situated in the plazas. In the th century Plaza San Antonio was considered dating not settling to be Cdizs main square. Go speed dating that relationship - 35 years; mediterranean sea have most popular and the date function!

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