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Stanley 145pc Tool Set review!

So when it comes to dating Stanley tools , some of the most reliable information comes from dating these marks. Research has accurately dated many of the marks, and today we know the range of dates when most marks were used. This information gives us an accurate, not-earlier-than date for the various marks and can be helpful in typing an item.

Dating Stanley planes

Stanley used a last-in, first-out inventory system, so occasionally an older part original to the tool can be found on a newer tool. This occurs most often with World War II types. Trademarks were widely used in catalogs and advertising, and on original boxes.

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Some trademarks are the same as the cutter logos, but others are different. Many trademarks were used for long periods. The notched trademark is also a blade logo and has been used for the past few decades. Condition may be the single most important factor in pricing Stanley tools. A plane may be the rarest model or the most eagerly sought-after type, but if its condition is not at least good, the value can be significantly reduced.

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Some may think this is a bit overboard, but all you need to do is review a few major tool auctions to see how the tool-buying public is applying a detailed and concise buying strategy. A nicer plane could not have been found if you stood next to the Stanley production line in and had your choice.

“How Many Patent Dates do you see behind the handplane frog?”

The lesson here is not that one plane cannot change the market, but a collector will sometimes go an extra mile or ten for the very best. If you are pricing a tool at the top range, it should look like new. Collecting Stanley tools in their original boxes is also popular. Stanley Works originated the idea of the telescoping box for hardware in the early s.

The telescoping box was a big success and was one of the many innovations that made Stanley a major player in the hardware business. From early on, most Stanley tools came in two-piece boxes.

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  • Some of the earliest known boxes were made of wood with paste-on labels. In , the green cardboard box became the primary type of container.

    Dating stanley tools

    In , the familiar orange-tan sweet-potato color box was introduced with great fanfare. The catalog even had orange-colored pages to match the new box color. From into the s, the orange box was the Stanley container of choice and as much a trademark for Stanley tools as the Sweet Hart or notched logos. The light tan color changed slightly over time. With the boxes of the s, it became a bit more of a kraft color. Today there is michael there is team leader of waterresources assessment. Today there is this type 2 stanley benchbplane?

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    Updated version here is based on. Jan 28, sweetheart planes.

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      Stanley tools establishes itself as a new subset of tool collecting

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