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The questions are always framed to avoid asking a real question. And most of the time, the journalist is framing the question precisely as per guidelines. It's kind of how the whole sport works. Everything written about it is beside the point. On his facebook he was "in a relationship with Jessica Dube. There were photos galore posted on the facebooks of his family. After all of this, and with these two poor kids exhausted from being asked, professing not to know how to answer it any other way, Scott was unable to say "I do have a girlfriend already, I'm dating Jessica Dube.

He never did that. Cramming Jessica down our throats on social media, acting like someone who meets girls and has to get past the Tessa assumptions before they'll go out with him in old media. I'm at a party, or gym, or event, or out with friends, I meet some ice dancer I know is an ice dancer, he asks me out and I go "oooh, aren't you with Tessa? The scenario makes no sense, as we were also meant to believe everyone but fans knew Scott and Tessa were not together. So unless in Mulroney's scenario Scott was asking out a fan, it wouldn't happen not even in their own fantasy world.

Consistency has never been the sham's strong suit. In legit media Scott's romantic status is mostly hypothetical. On social media, he's practically married - to girls other than Tessa. His romantic partner who is actually Tessa? His fake romatic partner who was Jessica but whom everybody knows about? Or his skating partner who is Tessa? Respect and privacy my ass. Sanctimony in place for legit media, douche on social media. What else were fans to think?

Bryce had said it was "hard to see them together" and five seconds later Scott and Jessica are rubbing it in Bryce's face. They don't care of course, because it's only us. That garbage is just the version for the scut monkeys. I watch Mad Men sometimes and I find the themes a little too on the nose at times. However there's a recurring theme with Don Draper - who clearly this season is a sick man - where he believes if nobody sees it it didn't happen. Just look at the best behavior of Scott and Tessa for legit media, and look at them on social media.

Who is the nobody that sees what they do? The shit they shovel at us doesn't count against them, because only nobodies see it. The legit media agrees with them because those of them who know Scott and Tessa are together ignore their behavior on social media and won't acknowledge it when they're 'out'. We see it, but we don't count. Scott's supposedly a religious guy - I wonder what religion he's practicing. Wow - talk about compartmentalization. Rationalization and compartmentalization - what else can it be.

What else can it be to have a set of values - which I believe he does - but rationalize that it's okay to behave the way he does in a certain context as long as it's only directed to a certain class of people, who aren't, in the view of Moirville, people who count. We know Scott and Tessa are well-liked by those who interact with them personally.

We know that Scott and Tessa are courteous and considerate with venue personnel, colleagues and competitors. We know that they're courteous to journalists and other media that they encounter face to face. And Scott will often throw himself into the fire when it comes to fans. He may still have conspicuous stigmata on his hands and feet when he does it, but at least he does it. To quote Ken Cosgrove "It's my job! It doesn't work like that. It is and it does count.

That's the real them as much as anything they do face to face where they're actually accountable. What you do when you're not accountable counts more, IMO, which is the real shame of how they behave on social media. They're not accountable to the public, to fans, or to the legitimate media, and that's how they behave when they're not accountable.

They don't really care, either, that hundreds of people see them behave this way, because these people have no way of calling them out to their face or in any venue where it would surface in the public not social media conversation. So they don't care. Trying to categorize treatment of other people as a "doesn't count" area. They don't want to own what they do and they think it's possible to continually do things like this and not have it count towards their character because they're able to avoid being called out about it. That's just hypocritical, plain and simple.

Unless you've lived a life like this, you don't get it. My husband and I met at eight, and saw each other every day. We were determined to stay platonic friends, because we'd watched what happened to friends who decided to date. They don't want to ruin what they've got.

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They have a working relationship they need to preserve. And you're a damned hypocrite for saying that you shouldn't comment about people having love children and then going right ahead and doing it anyways. Well, I'll let you dozen or so people get back to it Friday, May 17, Why haven't Scott and Tessa been asked about the rumor?

I think the baby "rumor" has now made it onto twitter as often as the David Pelletier rumor did when that was flying. It's part of the lexicon even as a joke. And this doesn't stop some media from claiming that 'dreamers' and 'ubers' insist they're together. Which is something that Scott and Tessa are making up - it doesn't happen - and that "dreamers and ubers say they're together" shit started before the blog.

Dreamers and ubers are the ones most adamant about Scott and Tessa being platonic, and they write fan fic about it. How come nobody has asked them about the silly rumor going around the internet that they have a secret baby? Fans - and we all know fans - especially internet fans - are fantasists, bless them - have now cooked up a story that Scott and Tessa are, not dating, but "secretly" married with a kid. It's kicked around on twitter all the time.

I know that the usual people - Skate Canada, the usual entertainment and figure skating journalists - are aware. There's nothing offensive in laughing off a rumor that you're married and have a child - if neither is true. Someday though I hope! But they're never asked. Yet they're asked about stuff that doesn't happen all the time. They're asked about fans insisting they're together when most fans insist they're not.

They offer up that people think Carmen was too sexy when fans loved the shit out of that program because of the skating. There was a persistent Pelletier rumor, that went on about a year, but they waited less than a year before shooting it down in their elliptical Virtue Moir way. Where are their guts? Can't they say the words - not "we're not dating" but "We're not married" and, more to the point "We're not parents. They use kids all the time to manipulate. They basically outright deny the one they have.

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Can't they say the words 'We don't have a child together"? Hell, they could wank it and say we have no "SECRET" baby as the baby is not a secret to anyone who can work their 6 degrees of separation down to a reliable source. That would be just semantics. They can further wank semantics and say they have no "baby" as their little one is no longer a baby.

They have the gall, for sure. Scott can pose with fake gfs in circumstances that a lot of people find extremely sad, considering his actual status, but if inside their bubble they find it heroic, what can you do. They could seriously throw down just by saying "We're not married" and "we didn't have a baby between Worlds and 4CCs Again, the actual rumor is just silly - if it weren't the truth. The David Pelletier one was worse - Tessa homewrecked Canadian sweethearts. A couple of dear, close platonic buddies are rumored to be married and have a child?

That's a piece of cake. Laugh it off on the record, Scott and Tessa. Stop exploiting gullible surrogates like Heather to do it for you. Kind of a later join date. The second that fans got a look at Cassandra's social media stylings it didn't take a genius to see she harbors modeling dreams. The quasi professional, auto-tuned photos, the security blanket hair, several remarks in the comments indicating that her dream is to cash in on what she thinks are marketable looks. There's a motive to act the fake girlfriend role. Notoriety is as good as celebrity. Even psycho Rebecca Martinson: Michael Shannon reads Rebecca Martinson's email got a job offer after her email went viral.

It was from an online porn site, but baby steps. I think, though, that Cassandra was using Moirville logic. Moirville logic doesn't understand context. Cassandra is a cute, glamor model prospect in context. Cass Hilborn and the Olympic medalist have been dating almost a year. While fans dream Scott and his cutie pie partner Tessa, are a couple, Cass laughs it off. Tessa can glide with him across the ice, but Cass heats him up at home.

Cass, as the girlfriend, gets modeling jobs in which her credential is "girlfriend. The girlfriend angle is what would set her apart from every other girl in a bar. Then she leverages that into being a personality. However, is Scott going to green light Cassandra using his name as her label, as her angle, for modeling gigs? A published angle, a selling point in the headline, byline or caption? Or, does Cassandra think that among those who find her photos via hunting for Scott stuff will be prospective employers or photographers who go "who's that girl?

Just like Scott and Tessa aren't asked, in legit media, on the record, about the stories they're married parents, I question if Scott would allow his name to be linked to Cassandra's to help advance her glamor modeling ambitions. She can get that stuff without him. I know more about real modeling than glamor modeling, and with real modeling, and before a girl is hired, and despite how images are altered once a model has the job, clients and photographers want to know how the girl actually looks - what the raw material is.

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They don't go for the gauze and filter - that's amateur. Posted by oycanada at 7: Cassandra Hilborn , Scott and Tessa's child , Secret baby. Anonymous May 17, at 9: Anonymous May 18, at 1: Anonymous May 18, at 8: And maybe this iteration of the sham, which I agree seems to aspire to something more slick and professional than the last two, will take it down a few notches and only offer oblique "spotted together" type updates - just enough for fans to find if VM continue to feed "isn't it so tiring to be asked if you're dating?

The thing still is, though: That VM seem to be sticking to it for a third round seems, in some ways, like hard-nosed reluctance to let go and thus somehow, implicitly, let "everyone else" win. Though I suppose that then we wouldn't be completely, constantly assured that Scott isn't gay, and we couldn't have that. There's a one-upmanship vibe. I also think, since they're not going to share anything real, not in skating, not off ice, not even their actual personalities, that this is the easiest, lowest common denominator, and most attention getting way of keeping themselves in the social media mix, where, supposedly, all the buzz happens.

The conversation about whether "buzz" actually translates to helping financial goals, and brand goals, for example, is for another place, and I think there's evidence pro and con. Considered from one perspective, this approach takes the least effort, if you don't look at long term. If they're taking any bird's eye view at all, I'd love to know the rationale. It must be a beaut. Or, you know, just thuggish and stupid. One of the two. I suspect something else plays a part in all of this. Scott and Tessa are special snowflakes in every particular.

The facts of their actual status separates the insiders from the rabble. You don't want to debase that status and let everybody know. I suspect that's part of the game they play as well. Scott and Tessa work hard to tell us how know nothing we are, how wrong headed we're apt to be. Who needs the validation? Or those around them? And we have our first Tweet from Mrs Moir: I'm expecting this "new Tessa" to use this tool for sham purposes.

I would love to be wrong, but I doubt I am. I doubt you are too - there's really no other reason for someone who is as fiercely protective of her true private life as Tessa is to start spilling all over Twitter. This is shamarama pure and simple. Right in time for their golf tournament I expect special guest appearances And I have to laugh at the one of the agents from the SportGroup Box responding to saying about time she joined twitter And honestly folks - its hilarious to see that even among Tessa's non-Olympic friends - they hardly use twitter anymore If this is a marketing tool to gage Tessa's popularity and marketability - well good luck..

CBC sports is probably cutting figure skating coverage this year - so it is unlikely that Tessa gets a figure skating commentating gig Hell even Ryan Semple doesn't tweet that often Tessa's a young, telegenic female and an Olympic champion; there's no reason she can't get a figure skating commenting gig, although as Tanith said when Tanith started commenting, there's not enough work to make it a career.

During the reality show Tessa presented herself as single. Who knew all this time she was still Ryan Semple's sweetheart. The reality show was meant to be so really real. We've also seen from Tanith's commenting stints that nobody gets called out on anything. They were "very good friends. Reality really isn't relevant. Tanith disclosed their romantic relationship as a desk analyst during the Olympics.

I know it also came up at some point during actual commentary this season -- I remember because I wasn't expecting it -- but admit I can't recall which event. What I recall is that the NBCSN guy put Tanith on the spot and said before we start, we have to disclose that you're in a relationship with Charlie, and she was like "um, yeah. She then went into the typical "of course I am rooting for them, BUT they really deserve it because blah, blah, and blah.

I really love how North American skating loves to throw shade at Russia, but when given the opportunity this past quad, everybody connected with North American figure skating sleazed it up like nobody's business. There isn't a thing any of this people can insinuate about the old so-called Eastern Bloc, or imply bias on the part of any commentator or news reporter for some other continent after the revoltingly corrupt spectacle put on by N. I really love how North America loves to throw shade at Russia, but when given the opportunity this quad, everybody connected with North American figure skating sleazed it up like nobody's business.

There isn't a thing North America can insinuate about the old so-called Eastern Bloc, whether the athletes or their media, after the revoltingly corrupt display put on by N. These guys always act as if social media doesn't last forever. How horrible for their children to come across yet another public platform where mommy pretended they didn't exist.

The single life, girlfriends and dating How can they do this to their children? Naturally they would be told mommy and daddy were pretending. But I'm sorry, actions and photos DO speak louder than words. What the blog and others have noted is the answer to this is to raise the children to believe this is okay. The children will be raised to validate all of this. It's not really fair. It HAS to be okay. That's their job, to be co-opted into all of this. There is no chance they'll have the ability to acquire an independent perspective on any of it.

Not figure skating; not the sham. That's more unfair than the sham litter Scott and Tessa have left all over the web. You know what's going to happen is Tessa is going to be blasted with tweets alerting her to the awful rumors that she's married to Scott, has a child, and is rumoredly pregnant again. The purpose of these tweets will be to solicit an outright denial from her. She has to know this, so I'm curious how it's going to play. The whole "don't be delicate" thing in her header must be something she aspires to I sense a bit of a re-brand from terrified-of-a-strong-breeze Tessa of the "reality" show, but hasn't quite reached yet Twitter is scary!

Scarier than spiders, even! She doesn't have to acknowledge or answer those tweets. She can ignore them. If she takes the bait, it'll be because she intended to. The bekind hashtag made me chuckle. Kindness is sort of a two-way street, is it not? You lie to the fans faces for years and then ask them not to be mean to you? Maybe that last hashtag was in jest. FWIW, I expect Tessa's twitter to be funny, clever, and entertaining, because that's who she appears to be in real life.

It's really too bad it will likely be used to spread her and Scott's farcical public story lines. It could be so much more than that if they tried and cared about much beyond that, PR-wise. I like her inspirational quotes about being vast and brilliant. That's ironic coming from one half of a team of weasels. Hi oycanada ; I'm not sure if you saw my comment in your previous post so i want to show you it again.

Thank you for posting my friend's analysis: I tried to translate it from italian to english and i'm glad that despite of the grammar errors you understood what she wrote: I made other comparisons that i think you could appreciate: Here is my recap post: I adore those pictures of them and the dancers. The How to Do a Lift series is jaw-dropping. The sbs comparisons to Tessa and Anna Cappellini are striking.

I didn't see the comment in the previous post, you're right, thank you for bringing the link over here. Unless you tell me differently, I will understand the link as your permission to do a post based around the tumblr's entry, and will have it up soon. My most important request is that like you did in your previous post, you will give the credit to my friend LadyB.

I just posted her amazing work: Thank you so much. For all the blog's discussion of the actual skating, the blog really has been dependant upon those who do the in depth scrutiny. I love cuteiceprincess tumblr, and I very much appreciate Lady B, and you, being okay with this blog reproducing what's on the tumblr. Of course, when the post is up, the credit will go to the owner of the tumblr and to Lady B. I hope the tumblr continues.

Nothing fans are doing is acknowledged in "legit" media, but I think this is how these things go. It takes a long time, but does have an effect, and I really appreciate those who continue to point out what's happening on the ice. Thanks so much again. I have been a fan of ice dance for a very long time and have felt like giving up on the sport because of the corrupt judging and the unwillingness of the FS media and many insiders to acknowledge it because an American team would never, ever be given inflated scores and titles they didn't deserve.

I know other fans who are as confused as I am, some of whom are not partial to VM but will still acknowledge that they are the best by a mile and quite possibly the best ever. Keep up the great work! And thank you for publishing it on here as well, OC. It is important that we keep putting this stuff out there. I am extremely appreciative that a site like cuteiceprincess is willing to have its important, IMO work republished here.

Is scott moir still dating cassandra hilborn

Although my tumblr may seem a "VM shipper tumblr" like the others, I have two eyes and a brain, too. The most interesting, and perhaps ironic, thing to me, is that these last few implementations appear to be creating more "converts" to reality I'm curious to see what they do with that if it continues.

I'm guessing they probably won't care. Or if that's what the Twitter is for, to try to step it up. I don't have a twittier account. Someone should tweet Strombo or Jian Gomeshi to announce she's on twitter officially. They have a lot of followers. Let's get Tessa as many followersmas possible. Or any get another other person with a lot of followers to tweet a welcome to tessa and to follow her. Well, she has an appearance tonight, supposedly sans Scott. Although the last time she was announced as doing a solo appearance it was moved a few days later and included him glued to her side.

If she does show without him, curious to see who accompanies her Suppose she had to get all this set up and going before tonight happened. Her own personal Twitter, along with solo appearances does support the new "we're completely different people with nothing in common that don't interact outside of skating and now we'll go our own ways and do our own things How convenient the IFS article chronicling that just went online.

Oh my Christ - Jessica is following her. This just keep getting better Sometimes this stuff looks like they're trying to make it legit in other ways - IOW, for those who know Scott and Tessa are married, or for anyone on the web sitting and waiting for the time they reveal, all set with salacious versions of the truth, it's a back door way of establishing: I've never seen a p. This part of it feels as if it's creating a track record of: The first two shams, Scott and Tessa appeared to believe that if Tessa never ever was photographed with the sham girlfriend, it enhanced the authenticity of the sham.

It looked ridiculous, as if Tanith would never be around Ben's girlfriend or Meryl around Tanith. It made it look weird. The significant others of skaters are around their loved one's partner all the time. Tessa's disappearing act called attention to itself and encouraged fans to think some sort of triangle was simmering, which, as time went on, VM appeared to play into.

Of course, this KL phase of the sham appears to be taking place away from Moirville, and Tessa appeared to like to use the sham as an excuse to stear clear of certain Moirville occasions like big community weddings. While on the road, it may be less convenient to absent herself whenever the sham girlfriend is out and about where Scott is out and about, so now everybody's friends, and Tessa can be there too. I've read all your pieces outlining the pregnancy but I haven't seen anything about how yo know they are married.

I know why people think they are a couple but can yo please tell me if you have anything to indicate marriage. Someone told me that a guy from London said that Tessa had a 3some with Kane and Towes. And all of the reports about Scott trying to pick up all of these women. They are some horny and filthy. Search Tessa Virtue on twitter and read all about it.

Scott is way too skinny in that photograph of the two of the preparing for the charity golf tourney. I wonder if he is snorting coke??? They want to script reality. What's actually true is an inconvenience. That's how we get assertions like "all of you know about the marriage from some journalist who is lying to you because Scott and Tessa are lying to the journalists! They want that front row seat. Same with, how's this - Scott and Tessa had one night of passion, she got pregnant, they were ashamed and scared, and that way, they're not married and their relationship is still in flux, and that makes me feel better than to think they're lying without some crisis making them lie.

Judging by her twitter, it looks like KLawes is going to be at their golf tournament. I'd love to brag and say I called it, but I can't find my comment to back that up, or even remember which post it was. But she did tweet about practising her golf a few weeks ago. Sham weekend full of bells and whistles coming up.

Well, we're already doing better than last year. There's even a photo of them touching each other! Haven't seen Chiddy yet. Curious to see if KL is even actually there, or the tweet was just supposed to be put out to imply that of course she would be there. Won't be shocked if we get some pics later, but a little surprised that we haven't had any yet Haha, so I almost commented in that last post that as soon as I posted it a picture would probably show up. And there it is. Tessa and Scott overload? Get ready for the next photos to be Scott shoving his tongue down Lawes' throat.

That's how these people roll. Yeah, that's what I'm expecting as well, unfortunately. I mean she has like 8 pictures on there and 5 of them are of him. I don't know if she can't help herself, so she just does it because that's what she would do if she had a real one , and then has to cover it up, or if it's only to set the bait, or both. I would venture some of both. And since she implied that she spent the last month apart from him, and is now posting pics of him next to his "gf", it's all ok. Waiting for the other shoe to drop Her shorts are remarkable.

So, Into the Mystic is playing by request? Wouldn't that be kinda awkward with the new gf there? Or are they supposedly off doing their own thing while T listens by herself? Her tweets are amusing me. I almost felt sorry for the fans when she tweeted that about Into the Mystic - they just about lost their minds over that routine and the story of its creation and she uses it to bait them? That was just downright cruel.

A few seem to have taken the bait but I think most are kind of stepping away from that one. It's stuff like this that makes me want to yell, "Use your brains! But even with that, they're all standing around when it comes on Any way, I don't see that as an, "Awww, let me tweet this", moment, lol.

Is this supposed to be her personal Twitter, or a promotional account for her and Scott? I initially thought it was personal given her profile picture and description, but almost every single post thus far has been a picture of him, them, or something related to them. I think it's both. Once they've finished their "business activities", Scott will disappear and it'll be all about drinking wine with friends, shopping and the like.

I suspect the Into the Mystic thing was to set it as totally skating-driven with no personal connection. Some people believe that Tessa joining twitter is a sign of Virtue and Moir's transition into the post-eligible universe, and that VM no longer have any serious idea of staying in, if they ever did. That may be, that Tessa is amping up her profile with an eye towards post-eligible career opportunities, but it's not how I view it myself. I think that what VM do to set up non-career opportunities happens behind the scenes, and I still suspect they want to and intend to stay in eligible skating.

If they are seriously considering staying in, or have decided to, I think there is absolutely no way there wasn't a sit down that reviewed absolutely everything that went down this past quad. Everything on the table. To wit, their sport is corrupt, and that has to be part of any conversation about staying in. I know we all think it would be great if they stayed in and skated for themselves, not caring about results, that it would lend freedom to their programs, but I think they've already skated with tremendous freedom and range.

I don't think the fact that the scores mattered inhibited creativity, I think it challenged creativity. I also think they are competitive animals and that that exercise staying in, who cares about placement isn't them at all and never will be. Given that the sport is corrupt, what is the point of staying in.


Jessica Dube Loves Scott Moir: Why haven't Scott and Tessa been asked about the rumor?

After all, just about everything VM did over the past quad actively enabled the DW narrative. It seems to me that until this point, VM have played games with marketing and media, but didn't connect that to any competitive strategy unlike DW. For them, their competitive strategy was strictly about the skating. They worked with the feedback, the grapevine, the advice, etc. They did everything possible on the ice, succeeding yet again in demonstrating that they're the best in the world, and got ripped off. Hoisted by their own petard. That last part happened off ice, but it helped drive the competitive results.

Given the fact that they got it done on the ice and were denied, they could decide there's no point in going forward, or they could wonder if there's not a way to play the off ice political game differently, in hopes of regaining some control. Maybe the ISU won't change, but maybe there's something they can do, or begin to do, off ice, something they can change, off ice, that would make it difficult for the ISU and all of those who cooperated towards DW's fake Olympic gold to pull it off.

I think most of us can look at the past quad and see that VM did absolutely nothing to thwart the narrative of DW to the top, and their reality show actively enabled it.

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  • There's also what I guess I'll call the subtextual game, which DW also won. In that game, DW are accessible, friendly, interactive, relatable. Scott and Tessa are inaccessible, moody, elitist, and you can't trust them. In that game, Tessa positioned herself as a woman who practically sprint from the rink back into the world she really valued, the world of fashion, friends, school, me-time and time with mommy.

    In terms of marketing, she disparaged her huge talent in dance, skating and athleticism. Meantime, before and after Sochi, Meryl Davis gets asked stuff like "Isn't it true you have no limits? If VM pretend not to care, why should we care? Of course, "caring" shouldn't have anything to do with an athletic outcome, but this is ice dance. It's been taken over by narrative.

    It's pure theatre now. It's driven by the applause-meter, and the applause-meter is rigged. Last quad, DW ran away with the narrative. Everything they did on social media was about how much they deserved gold medal. Every platform, period, social media, legit media, all the websites, promoted that message. VM weren't directly on social media. When their images popped up on social media, it was Scott's fake personal life. The reality show not only enabled DW's narrative, it was a nasty production that treated fans, once again, like dupes and suckers.

    Fans who tuned in on the promise of the promos that the show would feature these delightfully charming Olympic skaters who were so pretty and shared so much chemistry, and fans who believed Virtue Moir that it would show the defending Olympic champions preparing for Sochi. The reality show was sour, featuring an unpleasant relationship between Virtue and Moir, who couldn't wait to tell us how badly they were skating and how strained their relationship. It was all about telling fans how wrong they were. What else was the point? Look at the pinched-faced way it was promoted, and look at the gall from Tessa and Scott after it was done.

    Oh, we didn't even bother seeing it, it was just a bunch of fan garbage anyway. And pretending the storyline of the show as driven by the W network's editors. It's that untrustworthy, elitist thing from them again. Two skaters who smile in your face one month to get you to buy something, and once you go for it, they're too good for it, and too good for the people they persuaded to watch it.

    They don't have the time or care to bother, although apparently it was meant to be worth OUR time. This was bad p. The above is what I think was going on subtextually, and it happened over and over. Along with this has been fans noting that Moirville are a bunch of assholes, as per last season's stunt with the ISC photos.

    I could chronicle this in better detail, and more specifics, but the essentials are, DW had the appearance of being out there, accessible, while grabbing every inch of turf they could.

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    • Jessica Dube Loves Scott Moir: Scott and Tessa are still "Tessa and Scott".
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    • VM were inaccessible, their p. There isn't a single thing that Scott and Tessa can look back upon in terms of skating and find room for improvement, IMO. There's nothing in the skating, the choreo, the programs, that should have been done differently, presented differently, skated differently.

      Furthermore, they were the best running away. DW weren't even second. If you want to stay in, do you look at that and say "No point. We got it done on the ice and it was no use. We're can't fight this system. People were noting that everything we got from Scott and Tessa was through the back door.

      They shared nothing of themselves unless we paid watching the W network's commercials, paying for the book. Moirville just rubbed that in with the stunt about the golf photos last season. If Scott and Tessa, and Moirville, have taken inventory, they might have concluded that if they want to stay in, a change is in order. In contrast to last year, here's Tessa on twitter. We get photos straight from her. We don't have to pay for them.

      It's the appearance of accessibility. I think that video showed her at a youth athletic event, which helps re-connect Tessa to the athletic world instead of the previous approach, which was Tessa didn't really identify as an athlete or a skater. The past two sham relationships had a sleazy, smarmy, unsettling vibe, like Good Scott played footsie with and flirted with Tessa, and Bad Scott ran off and sleazed it up with Jessica and Cassandra and rubbed our faces in it on the web. That's how it sort of played, and the reality show actually encouraged the triangle idea. It's not a comfortable storyline, however titillating some fans may find it.

      It gets attention, but IMO, totally the wrong type of attention. Here, Tessa is making herself visible where Kaitlyn is concerned, which helps take the triangle sleaze tone away. I just wonder if this new, fresh-scrubbed, sharing and accessible, athletics-oriented twitter thing going on is a consequence of some Come To Jesus held late spring summer, some sort of confab that went, if we stay in or want to stay in, something needs to change, but what.

      I think the answers would be - the ISU needs to change but won't.

      is scott moir still dating cassandra hilborn Is scott moir still dating cassandra hilborn
      is scott moir still dating cassandra hilborn Is scott moir still dating cassandra hilborn
      is scott moir still dating cassandra hilborn Is scott moir still dating cassandra hilborn
      is scott moir still dating cassandra hilborn Is scott moir still dating cassandra hilborn
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