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Dating Timeline of New K-Pop Couple AOA’s SeolHyun & BLOCK B’s Zico

During the trial, it was discovered that the former CEO had committed suicide. Another devastating blow was dealt to the boys when, in June, the courts ruled in favor of the company.

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The members were unwilling to accept that verdict and together decided that they could not, and would not, promote under their agency anymore. Instead, they would promote independently, without any ties to any company, a feat that was perfectly possible because Zico was their producer anyway.

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O released a mixtape and the other members have either been extremely quiet, or have been featured artists in other artists music. Finally, there is good news for Block B!

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Stardom Entertainment transferred their contracts to a different agency and the boys are gearing up for a comeback. Now for the part where I give my opinions.

U-Kwon's dating scandal is a non-issue for me. I think he's handsome as bricks and extremely talented but once again, it's not really my business to get upset and cry. The Thai interview scandal was one that caused me a LOT of anger and pain.

K-Pop Idol Rivalries And Beefs You Never Knew About

As you've probably come to realize, I hate to see people wronged. And while the boys are known to be immature, I think misrepresenting their words and actions was a horrible thing to do. I honestly hope the person who did it has thought seriously about the damage they have caused and won't do it to any other artists.

I will admit though, for the longest period of time, I wanted nothing but for that journalist to be fired. Zico and Hwayoung dating: Normally, I don't care too much for dating rumors The two dated for 1 year and 4 months before breaking up in The two dated for two years before parting ways in Despite an age gap of 11 years, the two dated for over 3 years before finally breaking up last January.

Block B’s Zico Hints At Dating News And Apologizes To Fans

The two dated for almost a year before breaking up in September of Byul , Ddoong , Pang , Kun , and Bbo. Some netizens think "U-Kwon has crossed the line when it comes to what's acceptable for idols who are dating publicly" , "He's showing it too much" , "He's not respecting the fans, who provide him with the money that he needs to pay for his living and his happiness" , etc, on a platform like SNS where "most of his followers are fans". The topic also brought up previous accounts from fans, in which U-Kwon "refuses to draw hearts on his signatures at fan sign events", "acts coldly toward fans and answers their questions half-heartedly", and "his girlfriend always comes to the fan meetings".

Netizens added on instances where U-Kwon and his girlfriend posted photos from their dates on their respective Instagrams, but without openly admitting that they were together on the date. As in the case of any idol dating, netizen opinions are divided.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Some say it's up to the idols themselves to choose what they post on social media, and others claim that SNS activity can have an effect on idols' individual careers as well as the careers of their group members. What do you think of U-Kwon and his ongoing public relationship, his social media activity, and netizens' debate?

block b dating scandal Block b dating scandal
block b dating scandal Block b dating scandal
block b dating scandal Block b dating scandal
block b dating scandal Block b dating scandal
block b dating scandal Block b dating scandal
block b dating scandal Block b dating scandal

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